about sarah

13_ssuero--55Sarah works with women in business and female entrepreneurs in idea development, life/business purpose and stress management.  She uses the tools of yoga and coaching to do that. Sarah is a certified effectiveness coach. She also holds certifications as a yoga life coach and yoga instructor. She has a background as a Florida State certified Sign Language Interpreter. She has worked with companies such as Lululemon Athletica, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, Baptist Hospital, ILRC, First Coast YMCAYovia, MecLabs, and numerous yoga studios all over the US. Sarah has also written for Business Breakthroughs International, an Anthony Robbins company, Editor of “Eat to Your Good Health” by Amy Galena.

She’s also the proud co-owner of One Yoga Solution, a yoga based coaching and training company. She travels around the country teaching yoga workshops in the specialty area of arm balancing and self leadership. Her passion is to share the practice of yoga in a way that supports people in living life with presence, power and balance. Sarah teaches a dynamic flowing style of yoga called Vinyasa that creates strength, flexibility and power of mind. She loves to explore the possibilities that the combination of yoga and effectiveness coaching opens up on and off the mat. She also volunteers with Character Counts! in Jacksonville. In her spare time Sarah’s either on her yoga mat, Salsa dancing and/or traveling the globe. She savors a hot cup of Joe at her favorite local coffee spot as often as possible.


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