Child’s Pose Explained: The breakdown and benefits

Child’s pose (Balasana) is often the first pose most yoga practitioners learned. If you are a beginner or a seasoned yogi it’s important for you have this pose in your practice. It immediately eliminates stress as soon as your forehead is on the mat. You’ll likely experience a relaxing feeling, it allows for centering, and it can also be a resting pose. It creates opening in the body; especially the top of the thighs, back, and arms. I love this pose because you don’t even have to have a yoga mat for it. You can do it at home, the office, or even outside. If you already have a yoga mat, great! If you don’t you can use  a towel until you get one. Don’t let anything hold you back from practicing yoga. Even if you don’t ‘pose’ perfectly you can still feel immediately a sense of relaxation and peace.

How to Get into Child’s Pose

1. Get on your hands and knees

2. Hands shoulder width underneath your shoulders, palms flat

3. Take your knees out to the outer edges of the mat, big toes together

4. Sit your tailbone back towards your heels

5. Stretch your arms forward

6. Place your palms flat on the mat

7. Forehead on the mat (Viola’! You’re in it!)

8. Take three deep breaths through your nose

9. Enjoy this time just to take a break

10. Yes, you can come back into Child’s Pose any time you like