Love says, I love you by trying again. Love walks along side you, fingers intertwined in a zipper of prayer. The bumps will come. You will be up to your knees in disappointment and you will fall. When you’re dirty, crying and mascara has glued your eyes shut from crying. Love cleans you up, holds you and helps clean up your face. When you open your eyes again the ones who truly love you will be there. Love will hand you another box of tissues and listen. Love will help you find the pieces of yourself that have been missing. Each piece that is found is held with gentleness and compassion. Slowly Love helps you put yours pieces back together again. Love creates beautiful things from messes. Love creates healing magic with a cup of coffee, conversation or a hug the mending begins. 

Love listens. Love breaths life into your dreams and turns them into plans. Love comforts you when you cannot breathe. Love has known pain, disappointment, fears, tears and loss. Love has been where you’ve been. Love stands tall so that you can stand up. Love knows joy, hugs that heal, silence that mends and dances that feel like heaven. Love knows that laying in the middle of the street looking at the stars builds a sense of wonder into that moments.

Love knows that when you look at the stars all problems fade away. Love knows that a little love goes a long way. Love shows up and cheers you on your journey.  Love helps you do the simplest things. Love knows your favorite drink, food, places and bring those into your life. Money cannot buy love. You cannot buy soul piercing eye contact, a warm heart or even handwritten sweet notes for every day of the week. 

Love listens, to what’s being said and not said. To the sighs and moments of silence between words. Love notices nail color, earrings and new clothes. Love embraces and truly wants to know about the other. Love listens to understand, not just waiting for their turn to talk. Love shares snacks. Love stock around when everyone else has gone. Love doesn’t judge your sad or happiness. Love is excited for what excites you. Love will be on your team no matter the game. Love will love you no matter what you say, how corny you are, or even if you have morning breath. Love loves you when you’re not easy to love and unlovely looking. Love also loves you when you’re easy to love and are lovely looking. 

Love loves you back. You don’t have to ask for love, it’s freely given. Daily and every moment love cannot be anything other than love. Know that in this journey of being human you’ll be imperfect. You are going to royally mess up. You’ll make choices that when you admit it your face red. This life will hit you hard. Rain on your parade. You will feel profoundly ugly and perhaps even stupid at times. Do not let those past choices and ugly feeling moments define you. That isn’t who you are. You are love. Love is strong, courageous, kind beyond measure, helps you tie your shoes, wipes your tears, makes you coffee even when love is tired, listens to the same story again, love stays awake, dances when loves feet hurt and most importantly love shows up again and again. You are love and you are lovely, just remember that. 


How to Make Your Dream Happen – Be Simple


When you want something go get it. Period.” – Will Smith

This hit me between the eyes this morning. I realize it’s easiest to give up on an idea when the money is low. When you’ve lost your train of thought and you haven’t been able to find it for years. What I love about this line from Will is that there’s no conditions in it. He didn’t say go for it for 10 years. When you get tired then stop. He didn’t say, keep going until the going gets tough and then stop. He said it’s simple.

The power is in the simplicity. If you want it, go get it. It rings true even to the weariest of souls. Sometimes we want to make things complicated, because why would it be that simple? The choice is that simple. There’s freedom and boundless energy in that choice. When you know what your prior commitment is, it makes life easy. This is my dream. I’m going for it. All in. We just have to wait for the world to see the vision. The late and sleepless nights don’t matter. The amount of time it’s takes to make it happen no longer matters. Who thinks it’s a bad idea sure doesn’t matter. It’s the small voice within that powers you up out of bed. Feet hit the floor and you do whatever it takes because it’s that important. You hobble sleepily to the coffee pot. You read the same sentence 15 times over because you don’t want to miss a thing. Passion.

It’s that passion. Choosing (again) your dream. When the bed seems to wrap its arms around you and when the comforter is tucked under your chin. Your dream has you throw your covers back and it’s on! The day begun. It’s the drive to continue even though your toes are sore and your head fuzzy. It doesn’t matter, nothing else matters, because from fuzzy determined heads brilliant dreams are born. Companies are created. Lovers united. A finished line crossed. Yes, even within fuzzy is brilliance. I love how Will brought it home, “If you want something go get it. Period.” Single focus. Raw. Determined and making it happen.

The Road Trip: Travel Thousands of Miles to Find Your Center


Find your center” has become a pop culture phrase within the yoga world; it’s catchy, but largely ineffective. Every time I hear people say, “Find your center”.  I think, “Okay, yeah and how do they do that?”  Catch phrases are catchy, ok great, but how’s it helpful to you after it catches you?  Take a vacation and get away from it all? When you get back from your vacation you bring yourself back with you. It’s your center that you’re looking for anyways, not a martini. Your center ‘gets lost’ (to stick with the terms) because often we listen to and salute what other people say over what we say. Saluting the dress code, language, and even technology of the times is easy. Thinking and living by choice is challenging.  It’s definitely the road less traveled.  You don’t have to take a road trip thousands of miles to find your center, it’s already within you. 

The road trip to finding your center is all about you. I often hear people say, “I can’t seem to find any peace or passion in my life.” Even ancient spiritual teacher/leaders like Buddha and Jesus acknowledged the fact that you don’t have to go away to find your center. They took a road trip to find their center, but realized somewhere along the way that it wasn’t necessary. Sitting quietly became a practice instead. They allowed the noise of the world to melt away so that they could listen. Listen to what was going on within them, without the opinion or noise of other people.  Buddha went away from his family, royalty, and even his own children only to realize that his peace and calling in life was already within him. He was just wrapped up in the daily grind and not listening to his own spirit.  Once he got quiet, his ‘center’ was right there in the stillness. Jesus went away into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. Then he spent countless early morning hours alone in prayer and meditation. They both did ‘go away’, ultimately only to realize that you don’t have to. If you listen to your heart, mind, and soul you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to find your own center, for it is already within you. Have you sat down today? Are you listening to what you have to say?

As Much as I Dream

“Only as high as I can reach I can grow,

Only as far as I can seek can I go,

Only as deep as I look can I see,

Only as much as I dream can I be.”

Light bulb moment: I am living my dream life; as a life coach, writer, and yogi. I know it’s true because; today all the lights were on, heart beating fast, and proudly wearing a 100 watt smile. Viola! I’ve lived a dream day! It’s true, “only as much as I dream can I be.” Please tell me, what’s your dream?

Pure Poetry: The Whisper of You

I saw this photo. I was inspired. I couldn’t tear my eyes away for several minutes. There are no lines, verses, or even a rhythm and yet it’s poetry. I know the woman in the photo. I thought to myself, “This is only a whisper of you“. She is an inspiration. She has had many challenges in her life, daily she takes herself on and tackles them one by one. Looking at this amazing photo, you can barely see her as she blends into the landscape. It reminds me of how easy it is to live a life that’s “barely there”, blending into the surface of your own personal landscape. Melting into the day-to-day tasks of things to do, without a dream or purpose. The photographer is a genius! He or she captured this beautiful woman’s essence. There’s a lot to be learned from this photo. If I didn’t know her, I’d wonder, “What lights her up? What’s her story?” We all have stories. We’ve all been through years of fears and disappointments, smiles, and joys. It’s what we choose to make of the experiences that define and re-fine who we are.

“Don’t ever be someone else’s slogan, because you are pure poetry.” This photograph is poetry. There’s movement, grace, the past, future and present within the colors. Looking at her she whispers poetry to me. She says, “I’m smiling at my dreams.” I make up she’s learned from her past and willing to walk with courage in the present.  This is a memorial to all those who feel remiss and like they haven’t lived at all, or worse that they survived a life time, but never lived a day. Don’t settle for blending in or mediocrity. This is a call to live courageously!

You’re Extra-Ordinary!

I received a beautiful birthday card last month. It brought me to tears and gave me laughter when I needed it the most. It was a vibrant and ornate  butterfly set on a white back round with two words beneath it’s wings, “You’re Extraordinary!” When I first opened the card I thought, “Oh, that’s nice.” I placed it next to my jewelry box along with the other cards. Then a couple of days later I was putting on my earrings and I saw the card again. I took notice of the vibrant colors and intricate detail of the butterfly’s wings. They were bigger than the small body. They had a huge wing span. Such detail and grace with each curve and swoop. Whoever drew that butterfly must have drawn it just for me, for in that moment I saw me in the butterfly. Ready and willing to spread my wings and fly. For so long bound and now yet again I choose to be free!

You can only truly appreciate freedom when you’ve been bound. Within each limitation is a chance for you to be free. There is a moment when you know it’s time to break free, frankly it maybe your only chance. When are you going to say, “No!” to what’s holding you back and keeping you confused? Say, “Yes!” to that which sets you free and moves you forward! The practice of yoga teaches us to be present. It is a practice I hold near and dear to my heart. Get present! Break free!

Practicing yoga off the mat and into the world

My day started with a yoga practice. I practiced yoga off the mat and into my world. Walk with me if you will into my morning…

I felt groggy as my feet touched the floor. Nonetheless I started walking into my day; little did I know I was walking right into a miracle. It’s my life! The life that I have created isn’t perfect by any means, but it is mine. I began to realize as I washed my face and brushed my teeth, I thought, “Choice. “It’s all about choice.” I can choose that this morning is still dark and no one should be up this early. I could crawl right back into bed, but I didn’t. I went to teach my yoga class. Eight brave souls showed up this morning. I took a moment as I looked around at them at the beginning of class and choose to connect; to take that hour and share myself and yoga with them. I wasn’t teaching them, we were experiencing the practice of yoga together. I’m glad that I didn’t stay in bed; I would have missed out on that experience. Instead of mopping my way through the day, I’m now empowered to live today with courage. I’m making velvety rich coffee and scrambled eggs for my husband. I sang and danced as I started my day. (I’m glad you weren’t in my kitchen, it doesn’t sound so good and the dancing looks funny.) All in all it comes down to choice. Choice is everything. This foggy morning it landed with me, in a minty fresh way. This is my day; I can live it anyway that I choose to. I choose to live in freedom, possibility, and love. You can practice yoga off your mat. So, yes, this is a good morning!