Even Wonder Woman Needed Saving

WonderWomanWonder woman had put down her cape. The rain poured. Life had knocked the wind out of her. Drenched, her eyes filled with tears. Focused on saving others she forgot to save herself. She threw her hands in the air. Who knew that even she needed a bit of saving herself?! “I don’t know how to do that,” she thinks as she stands looking at her war torn cape

Up to her knees in disappointment. Wonder Woman realized that even though she may not know how to save herself. She can try again. She can scrub out the dirt. Throw it in the wash. Toss it in the drier. She can grab a needle and thread. Stitch strength and courage back into her cape. She can ask for help. Even though her cape isn’t brand new it doesn’t matter.

She isn’t the super-hero the world told her she should be. She totally messed up and life socked in the stomach. Yet she is a brave woman who wakes up the next morning and tries again. That, ladies n’ gents sounds like Wonder Woman to me. She can still be proud of the cape in her hands. The stitches tell stories of pain and hurt, of winning some and losing some. The real story is about the woman underneath the cape and that makes her a super hero.

She is stronger now. Sliding the red cape proudly around her shoulders she stands tall. Her fingers carefully tie the string around her neck. Her cape is bright red from being washed in the rain. Complete with stains and stitches. This cape tells her story of resilience.

Standing in her house. She walks to the front door and throws it open. Her feet planted firmly into the ground, shoulders back and heart up. Experience laden red cape around her neck. She’s ready to face the world again. To save those willing to be saved and yes, perhaps even save herself.



Yoga – A Date with Destiny


To rise before the sun comes up. To awaken to a city that is still asleep. To breathe deeply into the stillness of dawn is bliss. Follow your bliss.

This dream of dreams. The one between waking and sleeping. The one of freedom, openness and joy. Follow your bliss.

This dream is the cool morning air softly touching my cheeks. The hush over the city unwilling to break its sleepiness. The traveler, travels on no matter the cities hush. Follow your bliss.

This first breathe in yoga reveals stiffness. The next fluid movement. The next openness and soon powerful expansion explodes over the mat. Follow your bliss.

This morning is perfect. The sleeping city. The fog and the traveler. Follow your bliss.

This quiet morning we were destined to meet you and I, we and us. To transform stiff into fluid. To shift closed into open. To expand and express. To flow, breathe and bend. To let go of the past. To breathe in fresh and new.

This morning a date with destiny. My destiny. Follow your bliss. Follow your bliss.

DIY Buttons: Am I Allowed to Push Your Buttons?

We all have buttons. You know it’s that tender spot that when someone pushes it, it hurts down to your core? This is about DIY buttons, being mess-able with, and letting people push your buttons. We all know that we have them. Some are bigger than others out there for the world to see and some are hidden until someone digs their bony finger into it causing a knee jerk reaction. Poking is valuable. It’s not usually comfortable, yet it is always valuable. It shows you your buttons in a new light. Once you see your buttons for what they truly are; anger at a past lover, shame over a dream you gave up, etc. You can now make a choice about either keeping the button or removing it from your life.

When you remove buttons from your life, no one can touch it again. Unless you put it back on and allow them to poke it. No one can can kill your spirit, unless you give them permission to push your buttons. Betty Spruill told me once, “If you don’t have a ‘you can mess with me button’ no one can push it.” People can only mess with you and your beliefs if you let them. It’s still up to you. You are the only one who lets people into your thoughts, actions, and ultimately your beliefs. Do you have a ‘messable with’ button? Do you let people push it all the time?

Good Bye Apathy

Goodbye apathy. Breathing in and breathing out, breathing this breath just barely making it to the next one. I’m not trying, because trying is lying. Goodbye apathy. Goodbye stale thinking that held me back. Goodbye old thinking that told me lies. Goodbye worn out stories that played over, over and over like a broken record in my head. Goodbye apathy. So long to the days when circumstance tossed me ’round like the ocean. Closing the cover on the book bound with stories of tradition and “should be’s”. Turning my back to the old ways, because they worked good yesterday. Yesterday was a time before…a time before…this time.

This time is unwritten. There is no cover to this book. It has no title. There are scrape pieces of paper with scribbling on them. The pages are wrinkled, because they’ve been touched thousands of times. The edges worn from being held and written…written…and re-written on. Then blotted out, nearly torn out, and then started again.

Courage. Courage is, not having the cover to the book and writing anyways. Courage is, standing to speak when everyone else is silent. Courage, is when your heart is beating so loudly you swear everyone can hear it; then, standing to your feet, pulling your shoulders back and with a voice of conviction speak your truth. Courage is, the small moments when you dare to look someone in the eye, give them a hug, and say, “I know girl. I’ve been there too”. Courage is in the space and silence between one person’s pause and the next person’s voice.

This time is unwritten. Inquiry on every side. Answers are few. Searching for the answers only to find another question that leads to another page filled with markings they call words; placed on a something they call paper, which came from a paper mill, which came from a forest filled with trees. Life cut down, chopped up, run through machines and quickly into a store, they call this paper. Interesting isn’t it?

Allowing unwritten is, saying goodbye to apathy. Goodbye to smiles that are forced which are really frowns upside down. Goodbye to ‘should be and have to’. Allowing unwritten is pages worn, torn, without title, posh, or binding. Unwritten is innovative passion in action. The willingness to come undone. The courage to write even when there are no words. Goodbye apathy. Break the silence. Write what must be written. Say hello to freedom. Goodbye apathy!