Even Wonder Woman Needed Saving

WonderWomanWonder woman had put down her cape. The rain poured. Life had knocked the wind out of her. Drenched, her eyes filled with tears. Focused on saving others she forgot to save herself. She threw her hands in the air. Who knew that even she needed a bit of saving herself?! “I don’t know how to do that,” she thinks as she stands looking at her war torn cape

Up to her knees in disappointment. Wonder Woman realized that even though she may not know how to save herself. She can try again. She can scrub out the dirt. Throw it in the wash. Toss it in the drier. She can grab a needle and thread. Stitch strength and courage back into her cape. She can ask for help. Even though her cape isn’t brand new it doesn’t matter.

She isn’t the super-hero the world told her she should be. She totally messed up and life socked in the stomach. Yet she is a brave woman who wakes up the next morning and tries again. That, ladies n’ gents sounds like Wonder Woman to me. She can still be proud of the cape in her hands. The stitches tell stories of pain and hurt, of winning some and losing some. The real story is about the woman underneath the cape and that makes her a super hero.

She is stronger now. Sliding the red cape proudly around her shoulders she stands tall. Her fingers carefully tie the string around her neck. Her cape is bright red from being washed in the rain. Complete with stains and stitches. This cape tells her story of resilience.

Standing in her house. She walks to the front door and throws it open. Her feet planted firmly into the ground, shoulders back and heart up. Experience laden red cape around her neck. She’s ready to face the world again. To save those willing to be saved and yes, perhaps even save herself.



How to know it’s your intuition vs. logic


Ever rationalized your way into a decision even though your intuition said, “Ah um, don’t go there?!” When was the last time your intuition steered you wrong? This was a part of a hot topic between a friend and I today. I came to the conclusion after our lunch that, the head, usually sounds like this, “Well, if you think about it you’re probably just being silly. If you look around everything is as it should be. On paper…” You get the hint. If you listen to your self talk you can clearly hear it. Logic rationalizes. Looks for evidence and being able to measure things. Intuition doesn’t think. It doesn’t measure people, places and experiences. It whispers. It speaks quietly and with clarity. Confusion is from the head. Intuition speaks from the heart.

Think of intuition as a friend. Let’s make it personal, a girl friend. Let’s call her Sophia. She doesn’t yell. In fact she whispers softly. Kindly she will keep repeating herself until you listen. She is probably the softest and most gentle friend you’ll ever have. She won’t leave you, ever. No matter what you do or how many times you ignore her. She’s faithful. Right there inside of you if you’ll only just listen to her. She’s smart, courageous and has your best interest in mind. She’s willing to try when no one else will. She’d have the guts to design a marathon from inside of a broken woman’s body in the war torn country of Lebanon. She’s the one who pulled through 32 surgeries and two years in a hospital so she could walk again. Not only did she walk, she created the largest marathon in the middle east. Teaching thousands the love of running and creating peace. Intuition kept on even when the doctors told her she would never walk again. She was the small voice inside of a broken body that changed thousands of lives.

She whispers. She speaks your truth. She’s the courage to begin again and the words when you have none. She’s your hope when your heart and bones are broken. Logic thinks. Intuition feels. Logic measures. Intuition says, “Go now”. Some of the greatest mistakes of my life were ones that I talked myself into. Some of the best decisions of my life are the ones that didn’t make sense to anyone except for me. Stop moving and start listening to that little voice. She’s not gonna go away anyways. Believe me I know. It could be said, “Move aside head. This is a job for the heart.” Go ahead! Dare greatly and follow your intuition.

Law of Attraction: who do you say you are?


We attract what we are.

Yes, we attract what we are, not who we look like. Since I believe this to be true, the statement begs the question, “Well…who are you?” That’s not a big question, right, ha?! Yes, well what if it isn’t a big question at all? What if you don’t even need to know? Perhaps you can declare who you are without evidence.

Start by noticing what’s here now. Become an observer. Being an observer will show you who you are and what you are attracting. Look around at who and what’s in your life. Notice everything. What and who’s here now will tell you what you’ve been attracting. It’s easy to observe and judge. Don’t judge, just notice.

Typically when I ask my clients, “Who do you say you are?” They tell me who they were or what other people think. I’m not interested in who you were or what people have told you, you are. What I’m interested in is, “Who do you say you are now?” Tell me who you are becoming despite who you’ve been in the past. You are not your past. Since you are not your past let’s not focus on it.

Focus on what you’re noticing. Is it lining up with who you say you are? If it does keep going and if doesn’t perhaps a few changes are needed. This law of attraction is working, usually it’s behind the scenes whether we recognize it or not. Yes, even if we work with it or not. To work with it line up; who you say you are, with what you’re thinking and what you’re doing. Don’t be afraid. You can do it. Go ahead, tell me, who do YOU say you are?