Be Here Now – Lessons in Being Present

ImageIt’s easy to be hard as a rock. It’s take guts to be vulnerable. To share your heart even if you get rejected again and again. It’s easy to create the most beautiful outfit and hair. It takes courage to create a beautiful soul. It’s easy to tell stories (believe me I’ve told many and so have you). It takes courage to tell the truth. There’s only a couple things in life worth laying it all out on the line for. I can count them all on one hand.

No, it’s not your cell phone. Quit treating it like your lover. Go kiss your lover! Hold him or her dearly, press them close to your heart. Let her feel you! No, it isn’t your flat screen t.v. Be mesmerized by the people you love. Look for their beauty, their smiles and laughs. No, it isn’t your iPod or radio. Listen to the music, the music is their voice. Hear the deep tones, the high pitches and breaths between words. Hear the silent pauses and hesitations. Their heart is in their words, whether the heart is warm and open or cold and closed.

Not everyone is looking for advice when they call you. Sometimes they just need to know their not alone. They called because they want you to listen or invite you to share space.

Think about this…when was the last time you listened instead of just waiting for your turn to talk?


One thought on “Be Here Now – Lessons in Being Present

  1. This is the stuff! Vulnerability…the true core of person. These few paragraphs speak to me, there is something completely universal in them…
    I like reading these. These internal feelings you lay down in front for all of us to see.
    How very brave and sweet of you to see the world, and its people …in the best possible light. It’s … You’re not parroting ideas, just standing before us: unencumbered . Welcoming. A friend, if you will, in the very real sense. I could sense you are very transparent, what a gift,
    Thank you for these intimate moments. Soon, I’ll take classes and learn so much from you!
    🙏🏽☺️ Theresa

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