Vulnerability is Sexy; Life Lessons on Vulnerability from an Imperfect Yogi


The most sexy way to be is vulnerable. Vulnerability is something I’ve been thinking about lately. It’s scary. Showing people who you are and your messiness is a risk. It also allows people to connect with you in a powerful and meaningful way. It’s heart. Admitting you’ve made mistakes is beautiful. Being honest is awesome. I’m inviting you and yes, even me to look at being vulnerable differently. As a beautiful chance to be honest and then move into a new fresh space. So, here it goes. Vulnerability in it’s most raw form. These are a few of my life lessons and yes, I’m an imperfect yogi.

Speak your mind with courage even if your voice shakes. Vulnerability is sexy, super sexy. I’ve tried being a brick wall, it doesn’t work. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re willing to show your self to someone and nothing is more amazing than that. Softly and powerfully declare your truth with compassion. Compassion melts the pressure to be perfect. The appearance of having it all together is seriously overrated. Instead of trying to keep it all together, be curious, about everything. It’s way more fun than trying to be perfect. You’ll learn a lot about yourself and the world. Darling, you aren’t gonna be perfect ever. Do yourself a favor and make peace with that fact. You’ll make lots of mistakes. Even some straight up bad choices that take you to places you never imagined yourself to be in. Yeah, you will, expect it. What you can do now is learn from them. Realizing what caused you to make those choices works.

Realize that saying yes to something, means saying no to another. It’s ok if you don’t know the answer right now. It’s uncomfortable staying with the question until the answer lands with you. Totally uncomfortable, sometimes I sit there and squirm eager to be out of the question and into the answer already. Then I get an answer and say, “What? Not knowing was better. Can I go back to not knowing? Please?” Once you know you cannot unknown. That’s why speaking your truth with compassion and courage works, because then you can own your truth. Getting to your truth, means getting quiet and being honest. Be courageous my sweet friend. Be compassion, with yourself and others. Do the work of speaking your mind and heart with courage. Be sweet to yourself. Be vulnerable, it’s sexy. It’s a chance for you and others to get to know you on a whole new level. In my experience being a brick wall was exhausting. Being clear and vulnerable works. It’s the easiest way to be in the long run. I lost more than I could have ever imagined by keeping the bricks around my heart. I created connection and intimacy when I was vulnerable. It was amazing! Be vulnerable, it’s totally sexy.


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