How to know it’s your intuition vs. logic


Ever rationalized your way into a decision even though your intuition said, “Ah um, don’t go there?!” When was the last time your intuition steered you wrong? This was a part of a hot topic between a friend and I today. I came to the conclusion after our lunch that, the head, usually sounds like this, “Well, if you think about it you’re probably just being silly. If you look around everything is as it should be. On paper…” You get the hint. If you listen to your self talk you can clearly hear it. Logic rationalizes. Looks for evidence and being able to measure things. Intuition doesn’t think. It doesn’t measure people, places and experiences. It whispers. It speaks quietly and with clarity. Confusion is from the head. Intuition speaks from the heart.

Think of intuition as a friend. Let’s make it personal, a girl friend. Let’s call her Sophia. She doesn’t yell. In fact she whispers softly. Kindly she will keep repeating herself until you listen. She is probably the softest and most gentle friend you’ll ever have. She won’t leave you, ever. No matter what you do or how many times you ignore her. She’s faithful. Right there inside of you if you’ll only just listen to her. She’s smart, courageous and has your best interest in mind. She’s willing to try when no one else will. She’d have the guts to design a marathon from inside of a broken woman’s body in the war torn country of Lebanon. She’s the one who pulled through 32 surgeries and two years in a hospital so she could walk again. Not only did she walk, she created the largest marathon in the middle east. Teaching thousands the love of running and creating peace. Intuition kept on even when the doctors told her she would never walk again. She was the small voice inside of a broken body that changed thousands of lives.

She whispers. She speaks your truth. She’s the courage to begin again and the words when you have none. She’s your hope when your heart and bones are broken. Logic thinks. Intuition feels. Logic measures. Intuition says, “Go now”. Some of the greatest mistakes of my life were ones that I talked myself into. Some of the best decisions of my life are the ones that didn’t make sense to anyone except for me. Stop moving and start listening to that little voice. She’s not gonna go away anyways. Believe me I know. It could be said, “Move aside head. This is a job for the heart.” Go ahead! Dare greatly and follow your intuition.


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