Looking for Happy Pink

happy pink ballons in paris

I walked into the salon and requested a manicure/pedicure. The woman helping me asked me what color I wanted, smiling I said, “happy pink”. She turned her head to the side and said, “Happy pink?!” as if I’d just asked her for the moon and she couldn’t process the request. She shot me a look that said, “Ok, whatever you say lady” and pointed her finger to the wall of colors and with force said, “You pick a colla”. I stood for several moments looking at the many shades of pink they had to offer. I decided, pale pink was too soft and Magenta too much purple. Then I found it! Bright, bold, and rich pink happily stood out. I was thrilled to have found my happy pink! It didn’t hit me until several days later when laughing about the encounter with friends that there was a profound lesson in this experience.  I’m the only one who knows what shade my happy pink is.

My color choice is up to me, I think most people would agree. It’s so simple! There isn’t anyone else that knows what shade is right for me. Perhaps this mani/pedi encounter was worth it’s weight in gold. Of course I’m the only one who knows what my happy pink is! Silly me! It’s easy to ask others for their opinion about a choice we need to make, like they know what we need. What shade we want, the depth of the color, or the way that it makes us feel on our fingers. Realizing again that choices in life work a lot like my nail salon experience, brings new meaning to making choices. Life sends us over to the wall and says, “Pick a color”. It’s up to us to listen to that small voice inside leading us to our “happy pink”.


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