DIY Buttons: Am I Allowed to Push Your Buttons?

We all have buttons. You know it’s that tender spot that when someone pushes it, it hurts down to your core? This is about DIY buttons, being mess-able with, and letting people push your buttons. We all know that we have them. Some are bigger than others out there for the world to see and some are hidden until someone digs their bony finger into it causing a knee jerk reaction. Poking is valuable. It’s not usually comfortable, yet it is always valuable. It shows you your buttons in a new light. Once you see your buttons for what they truly are; anger at a past lover, shame over a dream you gave up, etc. You can now make a choice about either keeping the button or removing it from your life.

When you remove buttons from your life, no one can touch it again. Unless you put it back on and allow them to poke it. No one can can kill your spirit, unless you give them permission to push your buttons. Betty Spruill told me once, “If you don’t have a ‘you can mess with me button’ no one can push it.” People can only mess with you and your beliefs if you let them. It’s still up to you. You are the only one who lets people into your thoughts, actions, and ultimately your beliefs. Do you have a ‘messable with’ button? Do you let people push it all the time?


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