Basic Fears: Reasons Why People Don’t Speak Up

Standing tall you’re armed with courage and you open your mouth to say what you’ve longed to say and suddenly…frozen. Silence. You slide into your seat sheepishly. What had you slide into your seat? Like an invisible hand that forced you into your seat. That’s what I’m going to talk about today, courage and fear.

I discovered something I must share with you. People have the same basic fears, doubts, and concerns. The fears, doubts, and concerns come from the same big root fear of not being good enough. Human beings have basic conversations of right, wrong, good, and bad. They all have embarrassing and proud moments. Each one has breathe in their body and blood in their veins. Each person wants love, compassion, and encouragement. Everyone has something or someone they’re afraid of. Allowing that something or someone to hold power over you, creates a mood of fear.

This mood of fear has people sit down and shut up; when they want to stand up and speak up. Why? Fear. Fear turns your stomach into a knot, catches in the lungs, and causes a lump in your throat.  Fear of being seen as not good enough holds you firmly silent in your seat. You sit down on the outside to maintain the presence of ‘looking good’ even though you are standing up on the inside. Being courageous would have you stand up and speak of your truth. This scene I just described may be just like you at one point in your life.

Ask yourself these questions below…
~ Where in your life do you sit down and shut up?
~ What’s holding you back from speaking up?
~ What’s possible for you if you spoke up?
~ What’s possible if you lived courageously?

Saying yes to courage may mean speaking up. Speaking up can be uncomfortable. The alternative is to stay stuck in your doubts, fears, and concerns. I’m inviting you to speak up. Live courageously authentic. Start your dream business, family, go after your dream job, book your international flight, learn a new language, become a certified yoga teacher, lose weight, and create your own spiritual path. Don’t let your fears hold you back, speak up!


One thought on “Basic Fears: Reasons Why People Don’t Speak Up

  1. So true! This reminds me of work done by Dr. Brene Brown, she gave a couple of TED talks around this subject. Thank you for sharing this!

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