The Road Trip: Travel Thousands of Miles to Find Your Center


Find your center” has become a pop culture phrase within the yoga world; it’s catchy, but largely ineffective. Every time I hear people say, “Find your center”.  I think, “Okay, yeah and how do they do that?”  Catch phrases are catchy, ok great, but how’s it helpful to you after it catches you?  Take a vacation and get away from it all? When you get back from your vacation you bring yourself back with you. It’s your center that you’re looking for anyways, not a martini. Your center ‘gets lost’ (to stick with the terms) because often we listen to and salute what other people say over what we say. Saluting the dress code, language, and even technology of the times is easy. Thinking and living by choice is challenging.  It’s definitely the road less traveled.  You don’t have to take a road trip thousands of miles to find your center, it’s already within you. 

The road trip to finding your center is all about you. I often hear people say, “I can’t seem to find any peace or passion in my life.” Even ancient spiritual teacher/leaders like Buddha and Jesus acknowledged the fact that you don’t have to go away to find your center. They took a road trip to find their center, but realized somewhere along the way that it wasn’t necessary. Sitting quietly became a practice instead. They allowed the noise of the world to melt away so that they could listen. Listen to what was going on within them, without the opinion or noise of other people.  Buddha went away from his family, royalty, and even his own children only to realize that his peace and calling in life was already within him. He was just wrapped up in the daily grind and not listening to his own spirit.  Once he got quiet, his ‘center’ was right there in the stillness. Jesus went away into the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights. Then he spent countless early morning hours alone in prayer and meditation. They both did ‘go away’, ultimately only to realize that you don’t have to. If you listen to your heart, mind, and soul you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to find your own center, for it is already within you. Have you sat down today? Are you listening to what you have to say?


2 thoughts on “The Road Trip: Travel Thousands of Miles to Find Your Center

  1. I definitely agree with you. I think it’s not about the place you escape to that helps you “find your center” it’s your willingness and detachment, and sometimes the experience itself.

  2. Ahh yes, the willingness to be quiet with oneself and actually listen. I find the unfolding of this path to self continually reveals light and dark. Perhaps it is this knowledge that keeps me from myself. Knowing I shall find dark within the path scares me of course, yet I know rationally, that when I am able to see and face the dark with love and forgiveness to turns to light.

    That dichotomy of light and dark is the blessing of life. The delightful path of the whole…

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