Holiday Shopping Mall Stress: Purchasing a Gift

My level 10 commitment to living simply and on purpose was tested at the mall the other day. The woman in the small car behind me was blaring her horn, she yelled, “Move!” The huge truck in front of me had blocked me in. He was honking and yelling at someone else in front of him. Welcome to holiday shopping stress! What a greeting! The holiday shopping lists are growing not shrinking based on the level of impatience saturated air I was breathing. I thought to myself, “I’d like to throw my list away if this is what shoppers are like. I’ll find another way to tell my people I love them.”

The outdoor mall I was at was crazy. People are honking, yelling, and frantically rushing around. It wasn’t even Black Friday! I noticed that I started to fall into the stressful pressure hanging heavy in the air. I’ve learned when I feel uncomfortable; I stop, and check in with myself. I stopped walking.  I let the cold wind hit my back, I let the angry shoppers glare at me for not running with them, and I let myself see what I was seeing. It was madness! All of this done in the name of giving a loved one a shiny present. However while they were shopping they yelled at someone else’s loved one, pushed aside someone else’s loved one, and didn’t even notice the woman behind counter with a pain-filled smile on her face. She shifted her weight to the other foot, because she’s been on her feet for 12 hours so that you can purchase a gift that says, “I love you. You are important.” She’s not spending time with her loved ones so that you can buy your gift. Instead of cussing her out because the store cannot deliver it before Christmas, look at her face, she’s someone else’s loved one.

I took a moment to remember why I was shopping. I hope that everyone takes a moment to remember why you’re shopping. People are generally looking for a gift that when opened would have their loved one smile, laugh, and feel important. Remembering why you’re shopping, means that the angry and rushed shoppers cannot steal your joy. There isn’t any behavior that would get to you, because you don’t have a “mess with me” button for them to push. You see when you’re living on purpose and living simply they cannot mess with you. You’ve already chosen to stick to your commitment and you realize the purpose behind your shopping. No matter what’s happening around you, you have peace and joy that comes from a choice to live simply and on purpose. Even in the middle of holiday traffic at an outdoor shopping mall you can be peaceful and joyful. To all people all over the world; be kind, slow down and breath deep.

~ Happy Holidays!


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