Turn to Stone

“Let’s take a better look, beyond a story book, and learn our souls are all we own. Before we turn to stone…” Ingrid Michaelson

There’s a moment in time that you know you must jump and go all out. Or sit down. Watching a dance performed on the wildly popular TV show So You Think You Can Dance to the song ‘Turn to Stone’ by Ingrid Michaelson prompted me to take a deeper look at humanity. The dance took my breathe away and gave me chills, tears, and a sense of awe in return.

Perspective has shifted, this is the moment. There is no other moment in which to live. A burning desire to  take the leap of faith. Heart beating so loud, as if it would pop out and float into the world. To live fully as you’ve dreamed must happen. There are small moments when the bed beckons. You may want to climb in and pull the covers over your head. Then out the blue and from a random person kind words are spoken. Water to a dry and thirsty soul. The fire builds again and you dance. Whirling in your element once again. The air is fresh, the sky clear, and the light is back in your eyes. This dance of life happening right now is breathtaking.


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