Truth is Only the Beginning

Holding hands in a sea of people. Grasping, fingers entwined; hoping for truth. Hearts beating as one, tears of joy. This is the anointed time. Perhaps to some not the appointed time.

To be the one who leads the crowd. To stay and fight the crowd. Small and silent. Big and loud. Which is truth? Where is truth? Truth is in the body and spirit. Truth in the action of soul. Love to live! Live to love! Live to earn? Certainly not! This life, this one right now is precious! Living, breathing, and heart beating. Laughing, loving, and listening.

Why breathe if it’s not your truth? Breathe your truth! Why wear it if it doesn’t fit? Teach those willing to learn. Teach those unwilling to learn. Compassion for all. Compassion for one. Knowing the truth and setting it free! Knowing the time is now, stake in the ground. Pushing forward, moving forward! Playing the game, is no game at all. Meditating…mind in motion. Calm in this peaceful place. Curious this peaceful place.

Sitting legs crossed. Silent in prayer. Silence is the end. Is this the end? No!

It’s only the beginning…


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