Nothing comes from nothing, so they say, but this, this came from a somewhere and someone. This moment is wrapped into all the other moments of the past and all those that may come. They now make up the intrinsic fabric that is the present. The present is the only moment that you can take action on. People create routine to give order to their world. Routine creates grounding, which eventually becomes second nature, and may even become mindless motion. Notice how many people live by the hours worked in a day and focus primarily on the drama of the 9-5pm.

The time clock punched with a beep signals the perfect time to clock out life and all of its feelings. Earning money has become the all consuming force for many people. There is life outside of the office and the dollars you make from it. Many people say the “American Dream” is possible only in the United States. Consider this the American Dream is a lie! The dreams of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abe Lincoln were to be free. To create a place to live on earth where people would be free to speak, be respected, and heard. We’ve been lied to for decades. The American Dream was sold to us as a bill of goods; married, 2.5 kids, home with a white picket fence on the right side of town, high paying job, all of this complete with a luxurious car.

Notice if you will the stark difference between the two dreams. Even the most valuable document that supposedly governs our great nation is called The Declaration of Independence. Not the Declaration of Debt, Fear, Isolation, and Segregation. See for yourself what’s there! Don’t be sold this “bill of goods”. They aren’t good! No longer stay silent about what doesn’t work. It’s proven to not work. The bubble has been popped and the reign of fear is at an end. Nothing changes until you decide you’re done with it!


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