Breaking the Silence

My heart bleeds for yours, you the wounded mind and soul. For all the years of torment endured that you thought was normal life. Let your mind land on this, you weren’t created to live your life like they taught you. There is much for you to discover and heal. Have the courage to speak up even when you feel fear lumped in your throat. Not far from disconnection and disdain is a place of creativity and light. Step into it even when the feeling of unworthiness over shadows you. It may threaten to envelope you and it may just for a time. That moment will not last forever. Choose to trust your intuition. You are not too sensitive, you are just right. Let your mind land on this moment in time. The time you were courageous and real. Speak your truth even if it comes out wrong and in the wrong order. You are worth this breath, the next one and the next. Exhale in the knowledge that everything you do is important.

Gravity by Sara Bareilles


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