The Right to Write

I have the right, to write, just because it’s right for me. I write not to be understood, but to understand myself. What I say, comes from my heart and soul. My dream is that others will have dreams and live them. I would feel remiss and like I haven’t lived at all, or worse that I survived a life time, but never lived a day if even one more person isn’t better for having been in my space.

My mission in life to experience my soul. Living simply so I’m not distracted by money and objects. I will live like me. Creating that which I’ve purposed to create while my feet touch this earth. I feel alive and vibrant doing what I love. To be lit up and on my way, is my way!

I am not in this life to live for other people and what they want me to be.   I am in this life, right where my feet are, to be alive. Feel my feet; hear my heart beat, take a breath, and then another. It doesn’t matter if my home looks amazing, it doesn’t matter if I wear the same clothes over and over again.

It doesn’t  matter how I get to Point B.  It’s getting there that matters. I won’t be pressed down, hardened to what others think is miserable. I will not acquiesce or cow to you or anybody else for that matter. I have the right, to write, just because it’s right for me.


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