Over a Cup of Chai

Pouring my heart out over a cup of chai

Who ever knew that this moment could be so precious?

Feeling the warmth beneath my finger tips and seeing the steam rise from the top

You can come to this moment with a back pack filled with everywhere that you’ve been

Up to this moment

You’ve held onto the hopeless past always wrought with a feeling of fear

Holding on to the past will blind you from moving forward in this moment

The only reality is this moment

Sitting in your seat; fingers wrapped around the hot cup of chai and the sun on your face

Notice the cool breeze in your hair and chill bumps on your skin

We were ment to breathe in freshness and start anew

Even in nature there are seasons

Each year there is a spring crisp like a new piece of linen

Spring brings the softness of youth and sets curiosity free

Free to play and laugh in the sun light


I’ve never lived a day like today before

It isn’t the same as yesterday

It’s unique

Colored with its own laughter and disappointments

People walk by me engrossed in their moments

Passing into and out of mine

Just for a moment, we shared a moment

Each in the present and in a blink it becomes our past

Yet another moment packed into my nap sack that is becoming a life time


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