Discovering Me

I love things that are simple, yet not perfectly planned

An outfit that is simple, elegant, with something a little odd like a shoe, necklace or big ornate earrings

Rustic, because it reminds me that we all have a rustic start

Rustic is real

Something authentic and a bit surprising, but paired with something finished, because that’s how I am

I am in progress

In love with soft color complimented with a popping surprise

Dark walnut wood or dark bamboo

Intrigued by things that have a design pattern and detail

Not mass produced and looks just like my neighbors couch

I am simple, complicated, elegant, refined, raw, and willing to be vulnerable

I love to laugh, curious, warm, and want to be inspired and inspire others

Craving space and quiet time

I am a wife, yogi, and poet

Author, life coach and seeker of truth

yet I am so much more than that…

I’m a dreamer, creative chef, and artist

I’m here to discover my soul and teach all those willing to learn to find theirs

and this journey never ends


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