Revealing the Pureness

The pureness always has an element of emptiness. Within the silence there is peace.  As you are silent there is the possibility you’ll be able to take a look within and bolster the courage to look at what’s missing. Yes, it definitely takes a courageous person to be honest enough to look at the missing pieces. No value in just looking though. Once you see it then you can either ignore the truth or take action. There is always a process of refinement present within any deep seated, fundamental change. You must look at what is unsightly; and choose to remove it before you can live authentically.

Discover now who you were created to be…

In the areas where they still sell clay pots in the open market there is an authenticity test performed on each pot. It is held up to the light to see if there are any cracks in the pot. Only the sun can expose the cracks, even if it’s been glossed over or filled in with wax, the inauthentic pot can still be exposed. If something isn’t authentic it is just an imitation not the real thing. Acknowledge your true self. Create now what’s missing for yourself. Bring a soul satisfaction to all elements of your life that cannot be filled with tangible things.

Where do you draw your hope from? From what is your soul truly satisfied?

Satisfaction, true soul satisfaction comes from being who you were created to be, no matter what that looks like. Each one is born with a dream from the creator. When you are living your dream it doesn’t seem like work. There is no amount of time that you wouldn’t give it. Within the soul there is an endless fountain of energy and source power to call forth to be your dream.

The yearning to be whole will always be there. No one person, possession, career, religion, or amount of time will ever fill that void. Drink from your own waters/dreams, and they shall give you life.

Life lived abundantly!

Come away from your fear based life and into the light! Since you’ve already created what you have, reach within, there is more. Take courage in your right hand and compassion in your left hand. Take the first step towards being your dream.

And Walk…

Come back to the source from which all flows from. Leave behind what is broken, worry-filled, or tangled. Within this space there is power and peace. Compassion to see what is reality and grace to smile at that reality.

From nothingness everything is possible; there’s creativity, passion, and presence. Become simple in love. All was created with purpose, love all because it has a divine and everlasting purpose. Look past the dross and deep into the center, there you will unearth what you are looking for. It isn’t within material things, it can be found beyond definition and manmade design.

Come simplify your life…

Come to the root of all roots, where peace and purpose are found. Clear away, throw away, and pull down all that is holding you back. Become each day clear minded and pure hearted, with a great purpose and vision for your life. The one you were always meant to live. This is a journey not a sprint. It is costly, daring, and uncomfortable along the way. Look into the mirror of your heart. What did you find?

Are you willing to be truthful with yourself?

Within each of us is our true nature longing to come out. The question is will you let it? As you continue on your discovery, put in all that is missing, take away all that is not working. Know that along the way you may feel discouraged, weary, and want to turn back to the familiar. You won’t be the first nor the last among the truth seekers. Tap into your heart! Place your right hand on your heart and your left hand on your stomach. What’s your experience? Trust yourself, for within you is already courage and compassion.


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