Tears in the Rain

Vulnerability is the essence of tears in the rain. As the day unfolds one rain drop at a time and the clouds hover to deliver the water. Weeping, with nothing to fear, I am in awe. Though dreary and cold to the senses it is necessary and yields clarity. The tear clear off all that is holding back the true sense of self. As the rain falls it nourishes all it touches. It clears away all that is not needed, revealing the clean and pure essence that is deep within the soul.

The cloud may stay for days, weeks, maybe even months. Can you embrace the uncertainty that the rain brings? If you continue to resist the grey rain, it will persist. If it isn’t needed it will be discarded. The lesson is letting go, for within simplicity lives possibility. As the tight grip becomes a soft palm, the universe expands. Within the heart is boundless love. Tap into source and you shall have everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Live in and create a space to experience your soul. Experience freedom! Live in it, dance in it, and sing it. Write in it and experience it all around you.  Each choice blossoms into a brand new ways of being in the world. What are you choosing to create? Make space for what reflects your soul, it’s passions. Make room for what you love, just because you love it.


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